New Feature: Alamos Interface

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Security is our top priority. Therefore, we pay very close attention to keeping our data for risk analysis and thus the safety of the populations, updated in our analytics platform Premergency. Our goal is to establish the Premergency in as many fire departments as possible.

As of now, many fire departments already use software to assist them with operative control, alarming, and team member availability. If you already use a different app, you may ask yourself, if this data can be used within the analyses of Premergency? We are aware of this question, which is why we took the first step with our latest interface to Alamos.

The thoughts behind this step: In order to establish Premergency as an everyday solution for fire departments, we have to ensure compatibility with other software solutions. With our integration of DIVERA 24/7, we already gained a valuable data source for team member availability, which forms a crucial part of pre-incident planning.

Click here to read our case study on how to analyze team member availability with Premergency and DIVERA 24/7 and learn, how our analyses can increase the efficiency of our fire department. This lays the foundation for your master fire plan.

Easily access data from Alamos apps in Premergency

With our latest interface, data from Alamos solutions can be integrated into Premergency. This includes, above all, alarm and deployment data, which can now be managed and analyzed in Premergency. Not only does this benefit your daily operations, but it also helps you gain valuable insights. For example, this data allows you to detect temporal and spatial hotspots of emergency calls. Based on this, Premergency develops prognoses for the future, so that your fire department is always prepared for peak times.

To sum things up

When developing our software Premergency, we pay very close attention to enabling compatibility with as many firefighting solutions as possible. With the integration of Alamos and DIVERA 24/7, you can easily access and analyze data from these apps. This way, you achieve a simple and powerful connection of multiple platforms to contribute to the optimization of your fire department and a safer public.