Workshop zur Feuerwehrbedarfsplanugn

New Feature: Alamos Interface

With our latest interface, you can easily manage and analyze data from Alamos apps within Premergency.

Wahrscheinlichkeit für den Einsatz des Rettungsdienst Seattle in Nächten (wochentags).

Prognosis of Call Volumes for Fire and Rescue Services – Make Targeted Predictions of your Central’s Workload

With a prognosis of call volumes, Premergency identifies peaks in emergency calls. This way, you avoid an overload of fire and rescue stations.

Analyse der Löschwasserversorgung

Automatic analysis of extinguishing water supply within hazard analysis

With Premergency, you automatically the supply of extinguishing water within your service area. Save up to 90% of work within hazard analysis.

Smart Cities save up to 95% of workwith automatic classifications of protection goals

The classification of your service area, according to so-called protection goals, is a fundamental part of your pre-incident plan or master fire plan. With our software Premergency this process becomes fully automatic and easy.

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Determining the availability of personnel in firefighting using Premergency and DIVERA 24/7

See the results of our Case Study on the analysis of team member availability using Premergency and DIVERA 24/7.

Premergency in Action

Our workshops show you, how to efficiently integrate Premergency into your processes.

Here’s why we developed Premergency as a cloud-based app

In this article, we introduce you to the perks of cloud-based software. You learn about the benefits of Premergency’s web-based approach
has for our clients.

Brandschutzbedarfsplanung mit Premergency

The master fire plan with Premergency

This articles explains how pre-planning with Premergency works and how you can benefit from it.

Premergency - Die Analyseplattform für Feuerwehr und Rettungsdienst

Premergency – The smart data platform for your fire department

Premergency offers numerous advantages for fire and rescue services. Find out how you can best integrate Premergency into your work.