Premergency in Action

Our workshops for your master fire plan

When developing our analytics platform Premergency, our primary goal was to set new standards in strategic planning for fire departments. Another aim of Premergency lies in simplifying this process for all parties, as creating a  master fire plan is a tedious and complicated task, which can be challenging to many cities. With Premergency, we want to overcome these challenges and make daily analyses of the service area possible for any fire department.

Introduction to Premergency

With this blog, we want to closely introduce our software Premergency to our customers.  Maybe, you have already read our article “The master fire plan with Premergency” and therefore know, how strategic planning with Premergency works. Nevertheless, working with Premergency may still seem complicated to you. For this case, we offer strategic planning workshops, in order to introduce our customers to strategic planning with Premergency.

Premergency is a product by niologic,  a data science and tech consultancy located near Cologne. Our team is marked by an interdisciplinary approach and expertise in IT, firefighting, physics and mathematics. As experienced consultants we support our customers with specific problems and the introduction of digital products.

Our workshops for strategic planning, thus combine our knowledge of IT, fire safety and consulting.


Optimized processes in no time

Within just half a day we show you, how to efficiently integrate Premergency into your processes. Meanwhile, we guarantee a smooth transition.

First, we assess existing data and technologies, showing you, how to import relevant data (for example from your data base) into Premergency. This way, we identify existing data sources, assign team members and define targets for analysis. In the next step we determine strategic analysis goals, arranging them according to priority. If desired we assess possibilities for prognoses and Predictive Firefighting.

All data, zero paper

Based on the determined data sources, we create an extensive indicator system within Premergency. Together, we define filter criteria for the analysis. In this step, you have the possibility to name factors, that are especially important to you. In other words; are there any factors, that significantly influence daily operations within your service area? If so, in our half day workshop, we show you, how to use Premergency to derive recommendations based on your individual analysis criteria. This way, you meet the specific local demand for safety and create all analyses for the master fire plan, entirely by yourself.

On top of complex analyses, strategic planning usually involves tedious paperwork. Often, old mission reports have to be manually copied into Excel. Instead, you can save a lot of time by digitizing old paperwork. Within our workshop, we take care of digitzing your documents, applying handwriting recognition techonology as well as pattern recognition. Subsequently we show you, how to import digitized data into Premergency and how to use it for pre-planning.

Ready for Premergency

As mentioned before, our half day workshops are primarily aimed at, showing you, how to efficiently integrate Premergency into your processes. If your interested in further consulting after the work shop, we are happy to help you.

Read our article “The pre-plan with Premergency” for further information“.

Do you have any questions? Contact us, we are happy to help.