How to create a master fire plan using Premergency.

The expert guide for simple and fast strategic planning.

In order to guarantee the safety of their citizens, cities and municipalities must dispose of an efficiently working fire department. To ensure the department’s functionality they create a master fire plan. However, this task has proven itself to be quite difficult for many municipalities, due to complex analyses and evaluations. This is why it was especially important to us to focus a problem-centered approach when developing Premergency. Our goal was to help people and master the challenge of strategic planning.

In this article we show you how to create a master fire plan using Premergency and how to simplify your processes.

Strategic planning/Master fire plan

As mentioned before, a master fire plan ensures your fire department’s efficiency. Thus, it evaluates the department’s performance, based on a local hazard analysis. The results are subsequently compared to the unit’s performance in past missions. Based on that, you determine so-called protection goals, which define requirements necessary for the protection of the local population. With the help of your master fire plan you can make a clear point on your fire department’s demand or required improvements, when talking to political institutions.